Why us – How KloudBoy is different



HandBook is the bible with which KloudBoy works.  In-depth company culture will be defined in the HandBook. Any employee can add points to the HandBook.


  • Collaboration: KloudBoy is what it is today with the help of a huge community. Anyone working at KloudBoy is expected to carry on with the same attitude towards anyone.
    Helping people is the number one priority.
  • Efficiency: We believe in working smart. Also, anything that’s working doesn’t have to be fixed. Productivity is given the utmost importance, not the number of hours you sit in-front of the workstation.
  • Inclusion: We care for our employees to have similar values not similar culture. We are a remote company and inclusion of any culture is a primary success of KloudBoy. We try to promote a comfortable culture for all, created by all.
  • Transparency: Everything that we do are public by default. KloudBoy is transparent, open source first company. Almost everything is public facing except some obvious data like revenue, proprietary algorithms, partnership contracts, any data that would infringe on employee privacy, legal discussions etc…


Mission:  KloudBoy’s engineering team should  strive to code, design & deliver any client projects or product requirement. The team should ensure transparency and should prioritize the client issues first. The team should also work in the most efficient manner possible, at KloudBoy it’s all about working smartly.

Vision: To create the most efficient, high performance servers & websites for the customers.

Service Development Dept.

Purpose:  Purpose of Service Department will be to  deliver high performance servers  and websites to the customer. Issues that arise from the customer should be dealt in collaboration with respective designers, managers and UI/UX developers.

all the team members in the service development department is expected to follow the voice of the company

Product Dept.

Purpose:  product development department is to create high-performance service and deploy it as a SAAS application. Department will always try to create the most efficient software possible to make cloud by the most leading product in the niche.

Infrastructure Dept.

Purpose: Purpose of  infrastructure department East support the product department with the necessary infrastructure like Service communication with its partners et cetera

Security Dept.

Security department will be in charge of the entire security of the product infrastructure and client sites. 

Support Dept.

KloudBoy support team will help the client in difficult situations. Support team will answer the tickets raised in the support website. They will communicate with the necessary departments to provide the best support they can for the client


Website & Blog


  1. build authority and Credibility
  2. Increase the brand awareness among the mass
  3. organic traffic into the site
  4. Lead generation

All the contents are should go in the blocks will be decided by the content strategist.  Content strategist is also responsible for creating and updating content calendar.  progress in respective of blog should be discussed in Bi weekly and monthly meetings to be held by the marketing team.

Content developers should consult with respective members for any technical details necessary to complete the blog posts

KloudBoy’s focus shouldn’t be to write the maximum number of blog posts in a week but to create best possible and authoritative article on the subject.

Social Media Guidelines

This document is for people who deal with social media accounts of KloudBoy.

members who post in respective social media handles will be personally responsible for the content that is published.

Arguing is  for  commenting on any post. 

Responding To Requests.

  1. Respond to mentions
  2. Respond quickly
  3. everyone is expected to participate no matter Somebody on the social media team or leadership team.   every member represents the Company
  4. Respond in the most personal way possible.  this doesn’t mean that it you should get very unprofessional with the clients. It means that you should treat them as you treat any other human.
  5. For the same reason we will not be using any bots in the social media handles.

KloudBoy Voice

While communicating in any media or platform the  ‘KloudBoy’ voice.  we should save ‘we’  instead of ‘I’. Be responsive open minded confident and caring in the social media platforms. Criticism should be treated as an opportunity to improve the service and the product.  if someone have an idea to make the service or the product better invite them for a future proposal. 

Do not engage in Competitor bashing

Digital Marketing


Google AdWords

Site & Conversion Optimization.