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Managed WordPress Hosting Plans

1How long does it take to build the website?
It essentially depends upon your project and what your WordPress website demands. If everything goes well, KloudBoy can deliver your dream WordPress website within a week. We make sure that server allocation is done almost instantly, giving you access to the Control Panel and the Mail Interface within hours.
2Can I See My Website While It's In Progress?
Yes, you can, but we really recommend otherwise. KloudBoy takes care of multiple aspects of the website at once and the workflows are rapid. We really prefer that you wait for a few days and wait until the website is ready to shoot.
3About SEO?
WordPress websites built by KloudBoy are optimized for Search Engine Optimization from every aspect. We ensure clean code, compact designs and utmost readability. We can also take care of SEO-optimized content depending on your needs.
4About the servers you use?
Our server architecture is mainly provided by Google Cloud and AWS but we also depend on Microsoft Azure and DigitalOcean depending on the pricing requirements. At the end of the day, KloudBoy believes in providing a server environment that can run your website smoothly.
5What other services do you provide?
In addition to WordPress development, we provide Mail Server Configuration, 360-Degree Website Speed Optimization and Website Migration Services.
6How secure are the website?
Our websites are always up-to-date in terms of security. KloudBoy believes in using the best technological architecture for our services and this is done with the help of being streamlined.

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